Blog Post #7

In the 21st century backpack journalism is still a thing. People still take time to do their stories. The longer they take on a story the better it can be. The backpack journalism stories are mainly used in newspapers and broadcast news like ABC news. It has changed though. Backpack journalism is no longer just for documentary photojournalism. It has grown to be used in all different forms of news distribution. Backpack journalism stories are more effective because the journalist has more experience on the subject because they can take longer to understand the material better. Examples of this would be journalists traveling to sites of war and sporting events. This kind of news can vary from political news on ABC news all the way to sports news on ESPN. Backpack journalism no longer is just about breaking news, but it has improved since it started. It first involved in the 1990s and has become better and better up. It is still improving today.


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