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I disagree with the article. I think that as time goes on cable television will still be a big component in the world of shows. Web Series may be becoming more and more popular. Not everything stays popular forever. Just because it is growing more popular as time goes on does not mean that it will stay that way. Shows that are on television allow you to watch the series an episode a week opposed to waiting for the Web Series to release an entire season at a time. Not all shows will be Web Series, so that means people will always want to have cable television. People can’t see into the future to know what shows they will always want to watch. That means they will want to have cable television. Web Series either make it to cable television or fail to stay on the web. Very few Web Series make it to cable television. Sometimes, shows are created as Web Series and gain traction and become popular enough to become a cable television show. Some other times they are meant to stay on as Web Series. Sometimes it can go the other way. A cable television show might not be picked back up so a Web Series could pick it up to continue the show. (H. (2014)) Shooting a Web Series is as if you are shooting an Indie Film on a very small budget. If the series has a very small budget that means that the show will not have the ability to make a great show. Nowadays shows need to have a bigger budget. The bigger the budget the more people will tune into watch the show. (H. (2015)) Even with production values going up that means the rest of the series is less quality because their budget will go down. Just because people spent a lot of time on the internet, that does not mean more people will watch the Web Series. Web Series and cable television have at least one thing in common. People will watch a show if they like the promotional video for the show. Word-of-mouth works for both Web Series and cable television. People think that if it is a Web Series, it can have more raunchy content. They are wrong. Cable television is becoming just as raunchy as a Web Series can be. (Armstrong, O. (2014)) Some people are set in their ways and not open to different ways, even if it could save them money. People that like cable television get more of a range of variety for what they pay for. They can even use OnDemand and watch things that might even be considered a Web Series. They have a little bit of both of the worlds. They have cable television and Web Series in one deal. The way people look at Web Series is wrong. People should stay open minded. Just because something is new, that does not always mean that it is going to be better than the old way.

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