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Blog Post #7

In the 21st century backpack journalism is still a thing. People still take time to do their stories. The longer they take on a story the better it can be. The backpack journalism stories are mainly used in newspapers and broadcast news like ABC news. It has changed though. Backpack journalism is no longer just … Continue reading Blog Post #7

Blog Post #6

Corporate Communications Manager at Ventrum Palo Alto, CA 94301 Skills 2-5 years of experience High attention to details Strong written, verbal, editing, and presentation skills Highly collaborative Easily builds business partnerships and inspires team members Sr. Corporate Communications Manager Amazon Corporate LLC – Seattle, WA 98109 Skills 9 years of public relations experience 5 years … Continue reading Blog Post #6

Blog Post #4

I chose to do my fourth blog post on the U.S. presence in Afghanistan/Iraq/Middle East. I did a little bit of research on it. It is a couple different social media sites. It is on Facebook and Twitter. It is not on Snapchat though. I am not really even sure how they would even put … Continue reading Blog Post #4

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